A health plan for NGOs

Our NGO solutions have been specifically designed to offer NGO employees and their families peace of mind.



A cover that meets your needs

No matter what you choose, your employees will have health benefits virtually wherever they go.

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Easy access to quality health care

Our network of 10,000 health care providers across the globe ensures easy access to quality health care wherever you are.

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Why choose NGO Health Benefits

  • Easy access to quality health care

During your assignment abroad you are faced with new challenges every day and worrying about your health is the last thing you want to do. NGO Health Benefits guarantees you easy access to quality health care so you can focus on your assignment.

  • Round-the-clock multilingual assistance

As an NGO worker you do not always operate within business hours. We have Contact Centres located in three time zones so you can reach us 24/7 and in your preferred language.

  • Local support teams

Being far away from home, it is reassuring to know there is someone nearby you can turn to in case you need assistance or advice. Our local representatives worldwide will provide you with on-the-spot support whenever needed.

  • Our health and well-being focus

Your employees deserve a holistic approach to managing their health, especially when they’re far from home. With our health and well-being solutions, we make behavioural change and health improvement achievable and relevant for them.

  • Flexible solutions

Our flexible and modular Cigna products allow you to create a health plan fitted to your employees’ needs!

Our solutions

Case studies

We believe working with local case managers can really make a difference. Discover how our Kenyan case manager supported a young man and his family after a major car accident.


Case studies


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