Worldwide access to health care

Your employees have access to our worldwide network of more than 10,000 high-quality health care providers in 192 countries so they can select the hospital, doctor or other provider that best suits their needs. This constantly growing and monitored list is a collection of the world’s most appreciated health care providers. If the provider they wish to consult is not on our list, they can contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to include the provider.

We have direct payment agreements with most of the providers in our network. This means that with CoverN'GO, your employees don’t have to advance their medical expenses first.

Your NGO employees can look up doctors and hospitals by location as well as medical specialty and name on their personal webpages. The results show, at a glance, which providers offer direct payment and/or discounts.

Our health and well-being focus

Your employees deserve a holistic approach to managing their health, especially when they’re far from home. With our health and well-being solutions, we make behavioural change and health improvement achievable and relevant for them.

The following services are included free of charge for your employees and their family members:

  • Access to online Health Risk Assessments and Health Education, together with web-based coaching programmes;
  • Access to our Employee Assistance Programme, providing 24/7 telephonic counselling to answer the personal concerns of your employees and their dependants, discuss and develop an action plan to support them in times of need;
  • Pre-Assignment Assistance, advice for your employees and their families while preparing for their assignment;
  • Online Second Medical Opinion provided by the Cleveland Clinic, a service that will help your employees make informed and educated decisions on their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Country Guides: guides that focus on general health information, give a detailed assessment of medical infrastructure and the local medical capabilities for a variety of countries.