Our services brought to life

Choosing our health plan guarantees access to our numerous first-rate services: a global network of health care providers, direct payment, round-the-clock assistance etc. What really makes a difference, though, is our personal approach. Each individual is different and every situation requires a specific approach. That is why we believe in on-the-spot support by local case managers. Read our case studies to find out what this means in practice.

Our case manager based in Kenya arranged home care for a 7-year old patient

A 7-year old boy, whose family is based in Kenya, suffers from recurrent left parietal cavernous angioma and requires constant monitoring and treatment which can involve very long admission periods. Our senior case manager in Nairobi, who was familiar with the boy’s situation, suggested the alternative of home care to his family and treating physician, which they preferred over the prolonged hospital stay. Our case manager then arranged for the boy to be transferred home to receive nursing care and physiotherapy and coordinated the rental of necessary supplies, as to guarantee continuous high-quality medical care.

The total cost of home care amounted to 150 USD per day (nursing care, doctors’ visits, medication, physiotherapy and medical equipment), whereas the average price per day for an inpatient admission would have been 650 USD, saving 500 USD a day. Also, other inpatient admissions were avoided thanks to the home care alternative.

But above all, the quality of life of the entire family improved, saving the parents the daily travel to the hospital and having their son treated by professionals within the comfort of their own home.

A medical evacuation from Benin to France optimises the patient’s well-being

A 22-year old woman was involved in a motorbike crash in Benin, West Africa, and admitted to a local hospital for emergency treatment. As a result of her injuries, she needed a medical evacuation to the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris a few weeks later. As soon as we were informed of the evacuation, we arranged direct payment with the hospital. As the patient needed further care, we were able to extend her stay by 15 days, until a place became available in the rehab facility in Paris. We negotiated a 10% discount on the hospital invoice, which led to a saving of approximately 8,500 EUR.

Our case manager contacted a Paris-based doctor specialising in medical evacuation cases to countries in Europe to help arrange direct payment with the rehabilitation facility. With his on-site support, and the support of the hospital administration, we were also able to negotiate a discount and saved approximately 20,000 EUR on the final bill for the patient. Furthermore, we took care of all of the administrative aspects of the patient’s treatment, which was helpful as she did not have family with her in France.

The patient was discharged from the rehab facility after a 3-month stay and transferred to a special apartment. Meals, visits from a nurse every 2 days and 20 sessions of ambulatory rehab treatment were arranged for her. The patient continued to receive excellent medical care up until the end of her recovery.