Our trusted service promise: we’ve got you covered

Working for an international NGO, you want to be where the action is. This means you venture off to unfamiliar places, where your helping hand can make a difference. Taking care of others while being on assignment, you also need someone looking after you. You need to be able to rely on someone to help you in case you get sick or injured.

With our health plan, you can focus entirely on your job. We take care of the rest. We make sure you have easy access to quality health care, organise medical or security evacuation if needed and let you benefit from a wide range of other services that make your life that bit easier.

Easy access to health care providers worldwide

Whether you are working in populated cities or in remote field areas, you will always have easy access to health care through our global network of health care providers in comination with local provider partnerships. With a simple phone call or a few clicks we can direct you to your local provider.

Direct payment agreements and discounts

Health care costs can be high and cause a lot of stress. To relieve you from financial worries and help you concentrate on your recovery we have negotiated direct payment agreements and discounts for you with health care providers in our network.


Expert local teams giving reassurance

Being far away from your home environment can be difficult and understanding local practices can be time consuming. Therefore, it is reassuring to know you can count on one of our local representatives for on-the-spot support and advice in case of hospitalisation or emergency repatriation.


One single call to arrange medical or security evacuation

Emergency situations and hostile environments are often an integral part of an NGO’s day-to-day work. Therefore, guaranteeing your safety is vital. If there is a medical emergency or safety risk, one single call is sufficient for us to organise a safe return.

Round-the-clock assistance

Wherever you are, our supportive and empathetic Contact Centre staff are not far away. Whether you are calling about an emergency or to enquire about your benefits, our Contact Centre agents are there to help you at any time and in your preferred language.

Access to online services

On our online portal, you can quickly and easily manage your international medical insurance, submit and track claims, check payment information and consult our network of worldwide medical service providers.

Claiming your medical expenses has never been as easy and flexible

Whether you send us a paper Claim form or use our Online Claiming service, we will process your claim as soon as possible. Moreover, every time you claim, you can choose the method of payment and bank account number for reimbursement. Your choice is not set in stone! We will process your claim swiftly and in absolute confidentiality, as we do with the other 10,000 claims we process every day.