Our solutions

Your employees and their families can be located in remote areas or near conflict zones, thus increasing their risk of injury. Therefore, apart from the challenge of being in a foreign country, they require access to quality health care or medical/security evacuation to immediately take them to a safe location should alarming incidents occur. 

NGOs headquartered outside the US

  • Small groups (< 200 employees)

    For small groups we offer a standardized yet flexible solution, named CoverN’GO. CoverN’GO provides affordable, comprehensive insurance cover with competitive premiums reflecting specific NGO locations and claims behaviour. CoverN’GO automatically includes health, accidental dental, medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.


  • Large groups (> 200 employees)

    For NGOs with over 200 employees, we create tailor-made solutions. Contact us to explore our custom solutions for insured and self-insured large groups of local and expat staff. Our unmatched experience with tailor-made solutions for IGOs can help you build a custom plan.